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1 chorea in dogs [syn: canine chorea]
2 any of several degenerative nervous disorders characterized by spasmodic movements of the body and limbs

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  1. An ancient Greek circle dance accompanied by a chorus.
  2. Any of various diseases of the nervous system characterized by involuntary muscular movements of the face and extremities; St. Vitus's dance.


disease of the nervous system

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  • Korea, the region or countries in Asia
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MS, ague, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, brain disease, bumpiness, cephalalgia, cerebral palsy, chattering, cold shivers, emotional disorder, epilepsy, falling sickness, fits and starts, glossopharyngeal neuralgia, headache, herpes zoster, ischialgia, jactation, jactitation, jerkiness, joltiness, migraine, multiple sclerosis, nervous disorder, neuralgia, neuritis, neuropathy, organic psychosis, palsy, polyneuritis, pressure neuropathy, priapism, quaking, quavering, quivering, radiculitis, sciatic neuritis, sciatica, shakes, shaking, shaking palsy, shingles, shivering, shivers, shuddering, spasms, spastic paralysis, succussion, the jerks, tic douloureux, toxic psychosis, trembling, tremulousness, vibration
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